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Our Saga


This is a land where the natural can feel a bit supernatural. It’s an otherworldly place of waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, mountains and black sand beaches. Here, beneath the undulating glow of the Northern Lights, heroic legends and tales of trolls and elves were born. 


Settlers who never settled


The first settlers who came to Iceland learned to respect nature’s sheer power and rely on its resources. They lived with the land, and even made their houses from it, literally. 


Today, we use clean power from the earth to produce electricity and heat our homes and production facilities. We use the renewable energy of volcanoes and waterfalls to make our snacks. There is no baking, frying, air drying or freeze-drying so we use less energy than typical snack production processes.

We use 100% renewable energy to make our snacks.​ We use eco-electricity generated from 31% geothermal and 69% hydro energy.


Our snacks are better for you, protein packed, fun, and convenient, and made with wholesome Icelandic foods. Every ingredient has been chosen with purpose to make snacks that are thoughtful and delicious—the Icelandic way.

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