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Skyr Crunch

Happy herds make

the best milk and Skyr. 

Naera-AAFF-Strawberry Crunch_28072022-ficticioUSA1 copia.png

Just ask Búkolla, proud descendant of Viking dairy cows that have been grazing the Land of Fire and Ice for generations. On any given summer day, you’ll find her with her fellow bovine friends, Doppulína, Huppa, Lukka, Dimma, and Auðhumla (the mother of cow´s in Norse mythology) and the rest (yes, they all have names) peacefully grazing in postcard-perfect landscapes of green pastures fed by crystal clear, glacier streams. All that pampering ensures that the milk that goes into our Skyr snacks is the finest right from the start with satisfying protein. 

Not only are our skyr snacks easy to share and eat, but they might be easier on your stomach. The skyr we use to make our snacks is made with milk that naturally contains 80% A2 and 20% A1 proteins. Our snacks are also gluten and wheat free.

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